ISR History

Founded by Harvey Barnett, Ph.D., in 1966, ISR endeavored to put an end to a preventable tragedy…childhood drowning. Barnett witnessed the aftermath of this tragedy after a neighbor’s 9 month old son reached the water alone. From that point on, Barnett vowed to do everything possible to ensure that Not One More Child Drowns. A behavioral scientist by trade, Barnett adapted his theoretical knowledge of learning to pioneer the Self-Rescue method used by ISR today to teach infants and young children to save themselves should they reach the water alone. Fortunately, what began as one man’s mission has transformed into a worldwide organization that is continually making large strides toward the day that Not One More Child Drowns. To date, ISR has 790 documented cases of children using ISR’s survival swimming techniques to save themselves from drowning.

Skills Taught

Your child’s safety is our first priority. Each lesson is uniquely tailored to your child’s needs based on comprehensive assessment and continual monitoring of your child’s health and skill attainment. Because, every child learns at his or her own pace, your child will be gently guided through each skill level.

A child 6-12 months learns:

A child 1-6 years learns:

Refresher Lessons:

Refresher Lessons are extremely important in continuing and maintaining your child’s ISR Self-Rescue skill development. Children grow and develop rapidly from infants to toddlers and young children. This development process represents improved strength, coordination, and a more finely tuned cognitive ability. In accordance with this growth, children enrolled in ISR return periodically to participate in refresher lessons.

Refresher Lessons are designed to fine-tune your child’s existing ISR Self-Rescue skills to meet the demands of their growing bodies. It will allow them to make adjustments in their float and strengthen their swim.

Previous Rollback-to-Float students, refresher lessons will likely take approximately 3-4 weeks.

Maintenance Lessons:

Maintenance lessons are also available at any time for regular fine-tuning of your child's skills. These lessons are highly recommended to alleviate the need for refresher lessons. Maintenance lessons are a good way to address any potential problems that could arise if left unchecked for too long.

Infant Swimming Resource, LLC ("ISR") complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion or disability. It is the policy of ISR to provide reasonable accommodations to its disabled applicants and students, with the provision of appropriate documentation of the need for the accommodation.

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