Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Survival Swim School offers Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) lessons with Erin Kennedy. Using Infant Swimming Resource lessons, Survival Swim School provides each child survival skills in conjunction with basic swimming lessons that give them the competence required to safely enjoy the water.

Infant Swimming Resource is the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children 6 months to 6 years of age and has been so for more than 40 years. ISR has safely delivered over 7 million lessons teaching survival swimming skills to more than 200,000 infants and toddlers and has educated parents and medical experts nationwide on water safety techniques and proven instruction methods. To date, ISR has nearly 800 documented cases of children using ISR techniques to save themselves from drowning. It’s proven. It works!

The difference
life and death

Child floating on back

whether they are
face up
face down.

With ISR, infants learn how to float and toddlers learn how to swim and float! Watch why it’s important for your child to be fully skilled!

For more information about ISR, visit www.infantswim.com.

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